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So tonight, it’s late and my imagination runs wild (ok, so that is nothing new right?)

I’m watching the awful hoarders show – only awful because of what they are doing and the memories they tend to bring to the surface. I’m not a big watcher, the Mr. doesn’t like watching it. I think he does that for my protection. He doesn’t really know I watch it online when he’s gone. He also doesn’t read the blog that I know of… so I’m safe in letting this out.

Anyway, my head is thinking, “If I were a hoarder, what would I hoard?”

The first thing that comes to mind is books. Then words. Then beautiful lines written by artists. I’d take them all and keep them forever.

I imagine a clean hoard though, I just can’t do nasty, I can’t imagine my words running down the walls like water stains. I can’t imagine them scattered around the toilet, piled in the bathtub. Used as a bathroom for 400 dogs or cats.

I don’t have many books right now in the physical form. My bookshelf has bare spots. I do have a good amount of space on my ipod, it’s an 80 g one so I have room. I also have a kindle.

So…  in a way, I do hoard books.

But now my mind goes in another direction. Maybe I’m a hoarder of other’s lives.

This isn’t the first time I’ve thought this.

I remember laying on my matress on the floor once in the Monster House, staying up all night long reading a book wishing I was the girl in the story (her mom wasn’t a hoarder). It lead to another late night with another story. Then again and again until I got married.

Then it stopped. I stopped reading for a long time.

I had my own life. I finally had a story I loved. No need to read or collect what other’s had. I had it.

Now though, I’ve realized in some way I need to let out that energy. I need to create and I also need to explore. And I’m in love with those words. They burst from me and I also breathe them in.

I can’t help it.

So in my game, I’d be a hoarder of words. I’d read them, write them out, and keep them forever.

And as my 8 yr old says… “In MY world, this is ok.”

And as my blog therapist says… “your a little nuts, but I love you anyway 🙂 “