I’m doing a bit of digital cleaning today, and I came across some old txts from my sister.

I don’t have many txts saved, I’m pretty good about cleaning them up, but these ones.. we’ll I’m not sure I’m ready to delete them.

They are about my mom, when she was dying.

I have no idea why, but I’m not ready to remove them.

In one I say I talked to her and had a decent coverstation, in another, I say she’s like the “old” mom before the anti-depressants.

Maybe I want the reminder that for a small bit of time, my mom wasn’t mean. Maybe I want the reminder of what will happen if I don’t take care of myself.

I have the txt I sent to my cousin telling him my mom was dead. I was driving at the time, on the way to her house.

I’m sure there is something a doc would tell me.. why I feel the need to hang on to a few txts.

I’m sure I’ll delete them in time. I just wanted to share. Maybe someone out there has felt the same way. I guess that’s the reason I have this blog, to show all the weirdness that goes on inside my head, so someone else out there as weird as me won’t feel so alone.