It’s spring!! Yay!

And guess what today is? It’s CLEANING DAY!! I’m going to clean my office/storage room. Get the kid to clean her room too!

Last night, I put up a new shower curtain to match the new rug (the kid rug got ate up by the vacuum) so it’s bye bye princess bathroom, and hello to a new purple bathroom (keeping the fairy toilet seat though since it matches)  – I tried to be a FUN mom when she was smaller-  🙂

I am going to come back with a list of stuff I’ve done. Most of my house is clean, but I’m going to try to find stuff to donate, etc. 🙂 Maybe clean up a few dust bunnies.

And no… I do NOT like to clean, but I DO love a clean house.

Oh, and I plan on cleaning out my car. The kids have icktified it. Last weekend was the kid’s b-day party and those kids did a number on my car. PUKE!! Gum and candy gone wild. I should charge to haul kids around.